Can the ex-con and his adorable Corgi convince their wary, love-shy soulmate that love is worth the risk?


I'm not a bad guy. My police record would have you think I am, but only Missy, the furry love of my life, knows what’s really in my heart. After getting out of prison, I'm looking to leave the past behind and move forward into the future with my cute, loyal corgi at my side. I have a new job, a new place, and a new life. With my head on straight, nothing is going to up-end my life again—until I meet Megan.

It’s love at first sight - for me, and for Megan and Missy. My two girls have a shared past of abuse, and I'm just the man to help them overcome it. But getting into a new relationship is tricky, especially when things take a dangerously familiar turn with the return of Megan’s unstable ex. I won't stand by and watch Megan get hurt but protecting her means putting myself in a position I never wanted to face again.

Can I risk everything, including my freedom, for love?