Can this cocky cowboy convince the prickly, accident-prone bakery assistant he's the man to mend her broken spirit?

Callie "Calamity" Brookes caused mayhem wherever she went. I had no patience for the prickly, unapproachable woman who lived in a rundown cottage on the edge of town. But following her plea for help one night, I get an unexpected look into her life, forcing me to see her in a different light. There was a whole lot more to Callie than met the eye, and suddenly, I wanted to be the only man she trusted with those secrets... and with her heart.

Nate Callister was the same as every other man I'd ever met - an arrogant, opinionated a**hole. But when I was faced with an emergency, I had no choice but to call on Nate for help. Suddenly, I was forced to re-evaluate my preconceived impressions of the cocky ranch foreman, and discovered we may have a lot more in common than I cared to admit.
But as the spark between us ignited into something that looked suspiciously like love, my traumatic past reared its ugly head. Could we still chase a future together? Or would my dark secrets threaten our chance at happiness?