Can the growly ex-veteran convince his feisty soulmate that she's beautiful inside and out? Or will a misunderstanding keep them apart?


When a client offers me her beach house for the summer in exchange for my decorating skills, I jump at the chance. After all, giving the tired interior a lick of paint is a small price to pay for a month of sun, sea, and sand. But when a big, tattooed, mountain of a man tries to climb into bed with me one night, things take a decidedly unexpected turn.

A mix up with the rental company means that Frank Russo has also hired the beach house for the summer. Frank and I have history, and I didn’t come here looking for a holiday romance, but the sinfully sexy biker gets my engine throbbing and my spark plugs exploding. The way his dark gaze lingers on me sends my heart into overdrive - which is why I should say no when Frank suggests we share the beach house for the summer. I mean, how hard can it be? Him on his side and me on mine. No problem. Easy peasy…