For Richer, For Poorer?


Everyone thinks I have the perfect life, but they couldn't be more wrong. I've sacrificed a lot to salvage the family business and I need a solution. Fast. When help comes in the shape of delectable financial consultant Poppy Parsons, I'm amazed to discover that the curvy beauty is the same woman who literally fell into my arms weeks ago. Her soft curves and emerald-green eyes tipped my world off its axis, but she was gone before I could even catch my breath, taking my heart with her. Now, fate has thrown her into my path once more, and this time I'm not letting her go until I've claimed her - body and soul.

When I'm assigned to help a client in financial crisis, I’m shocked to discover that Jensen Lockhart is none other than the gorgeous stranger I've been obsessing about for weeks. Jensen is handsome, funny... and sexy as hell. He says he wants me, that I'm his perfect woman, but I've been burned in love before and promised myself I'd never give a man that kind of power again. I'm here to save Jensen's business, but he might just end up saving me.