Three Claiming Series stories in one handy collection...

Claiming Poppy


Everyone thinks I have the perfect life, but they couldn't be more wrong. I've sacrificed a lot to salvage the family business and I need a solution. Fast. When help comes in the shape of delectable financial consultant Poppy Parsons, I'm amazed to discover that the curvy beauty is the same woman who literally fell into my arms weeks ago. Her soft curves and emerald-green eyes tipped my world off its axis, but she was gone before I could even catch my breath, taking my heart with her. Now, fate has thrown her into my path once more, and this time I'm not letting her go until I've claimed her - body and soul.


When I'm assigned to help a client in financial crisis, I’m shocked to discover that Jensen Lockhart is none other than the gorgeous stranger I've been obsessing about for weeks. Jensen is handsome, funny... and sexy as hell. He says he wants me, that I'm his perfect woman, but I've been burned in love before and promised myself I'd never give a man that kind of power again. I'm here to save Jensen's business, but he might just end up saving me.

Claiming Shelby


When I get the call that my beloved Grandpa is on his deathbed, I leave Houston and head to New York to be with him, knowing every moment is precious. Losing my mentor to cancer shatters me, and my grief threatens to overwhelm me. When a random stranger notices my distress and buys me coffee as his good deed for the day, I push him away. He may be the most handsome man I've ever seen, but love and romance are the last things on my mind.


Offering to buy the beautiful angel a coffee is an impulsive move. I saw her leave the hospital and the grief in her blue eyes tells me she's just lost a loved one. I know all about grief, and I also know my soulmate when I see her. But my mysterious angel wants no part of me or my coffee, and she's gone before I get her name. Fate, however, has other plans and throws her in my path again - and this time, I'm never letting her go.

Claiming Christmas


When I took the position of deputy sheriff in the small town of Garland, Colorado, I just wanted to forget the horror I left behind in Houston, and fulfil the oath I took as an officer of the law to protect and serve. The last thing I expected was to find my perfect woman in the shape of beautiful sheriff's assistant, Jessica Monroe. Now all I need to do is convince her that she's all I want - not just for Christmas, but for life.

Connor Banks is kind, generous, and strong. He's also the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on, but I know he'd never look twice at a woman like me - a woman with too many curves and a crippling lack of confidence due to my ex-boyfriend's cruel comments. But when the weather outside turns frightful, Connor and I find ourselves snowed in together at the station. With just our body heat to keep us warm, it's beginning to look a lot like ... love.