Plot? Simple. Older man, younger woman who have fought their feelings for years. Sexy times? Yep. Naughty and delicious!

Ivy has been in love with her father's best friend since she was eighteen, but she knows she doesn't even register on his radar - until one night when he steps in to deal with a bitter ex-boyfriend hellbent on teaching her a lesson.

Ashton has hidden his feelings from Ivy for years - after all, she's forbidden fruit. Right? Taking her home with him may not be his best decision ever because once she's in his bed...all bets are off.

Part of The Claiming Series - sweet, and steamy shorts novels for your reading pleasure. Claiming Ivy is a short, spicy, age-gap love story set over a two-day period with no cheating and a HEA. If you like longer, slow burn romance, check out my Choices Series instead.