Can the innocent, bubbly pre-school teacher convince the older, sexy gardener that love blooms in the most unexpected places?

My task over summer break is clear--tackle the overgrown jungle that is my backyard. But I'm a preschool teacher not a landscaping expert, so when my big sister suggests hiring a gardener from the local temp agency, I jump at the offer.

Logan Castillo is temptation personified with his rock-hard body, gravelly voice, and sexy AF smile. The man is a green-fingered genius, and before I know it, he's pruned my bush, fertilized my pot plants, and watered my bulbs. I have no idea what Logan sees in this green-as-grass, near-sighted woman with too many curves, but there's no doubt that something powerful and potent is blooming between us.

There's just one problem--Logan is fifteen years older than me, and if my over-protective big sister finds out he's been planting his seed in my flower bed, any chance we have at happily-ever-after will be nipped in the bud.