Can this silver fox convince his younger soulmate that age is simply a number?


Leilani ignites protective instincts I never knew I had. The second I gaze into her baby blues, I know I’m looking at my future. But she’s twenty years younger than me and fighting our shared attraction. Can I convince her that love can overcome any obstacle, and age is only a number?


Lusting after sexy surgeon, Dr. Brayden Manner, is a definite no-no, but my rebellious heart wants to throw caution to the wind. When a car accident lands me in the hospital, and in his capable hands, I'm forced to re-evaluate my priorities. Brayden says we’re perfect for each other. I want to believe him, but experience has taught me age gaps in relationships only lead to sorrow. I trusted him with my broken body . . . can I trust him with my heart?