Once upon a time ...

That's how these things are supposed to go, right? Except, my life is no fairy tale. I don't have pumpkins or mice, but I do have an evil stepfather and stepbrothers. Those lazy good-for-nothings spend all day living in my house on my dime, sweeping up what small pay-checks I earn from my job as a maid at the Mountain Ridge Resort. Then I meet Noah, the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. When he invites me back to his cabin, I throw caution to the wind and escape the reality that is my life for one amazing night in his arms. But when the morning comes, will my impulsive decision leave me yearning for a man I can never have?

I work too much, according to, well, everyone. So, when the opportunity to combine a wedding invitation with a vacation presents itself, I take it. When I find a beautiful woman dancing around the cabin I’ve hired, her stunning eyes and swift reflexes bring me to my knees. It’s safe to say I’ve never met anyone like Elli, and within minutes, I know she’s it for me. My life in the city will be incomplete unless I can convince the maiden who's cast a spell on me—and my heart—that we can have a happily ever after all of our own.