I've been in love with my father's best friend since I was eighteen but I know I don't even register on his radar. Until the night he steps in to deal with a bitter ex-boyfriend hellbent on teaching me a lesson...and then everything changes.


I've hidden his feelings from Ivy for years - after all, she's forbidden fruit. Right? Taking her home with me after a close call may not be my best decision ever because once she's in my bed...all bets are off.


I've built my IT business from the ground up and I have everything money can buy - except the one thing it can't - the love of a good woman. But when a brunette goddess with striking hazel-green eyes and curves I want to lose myself in walks into my office it takes me a split second to realize that she's the missing piece of my heart. All I need to do now is convince her that I'm the missing piece of hers.


Callum is everything I've ever wanted in a man. Tall, hot, and far too sexy for his own good, I want to do things with him that are definitely not part of my job description but it's only a matter of time before the chemistry between us explodes into something less like business and far more like pleasure.


Drayton Saunders is big, blunt - and totally beddable! But I'm back in my hometown to take care of my sick mom, not get all hot and bothered over the new sheriff, no matter how unexpectedly sweet and sexy he turns out to be. There's a reason I left Garland three years ago, vowing never to return - but can the love of my sexy sheriff convince me to stay - for good?


My heart has been flatlining for years - until five-and-a-half feet of curvy perfection walks into my dad's bar and breathes new life into the dormant muscle in my chest. But Daisy has scars of her own - scars that sent her running from Garland three years ago. I just hope my love will be enough to persuade her to stay and build a new life here - with me.


I've sacrificed a lot to salvage the family business but I need a solution. Fast. When help comes in the shape of delectable financial consultant Poppy Parsons, I'm amazed to discover that the curvy beauty is the same woman who literally fell into my arms weeks ago. Her soft curves and emerald-green eyes tipped my world off its axis, but she was gone before I could even catch my breath. Now, fate has thrown her into my path once more, and this time I'm not letting her go until I've claimed her - body and soul.


When I'm assigned to help a client in financial crisis, I’m shocked to discover that Jensen Lockhart is none other than the gorgeous stranger I've been obsessing about for weeks. Jensen is handsome, funny... and sexy as hell. He says I'm his perfect woman, but I've been burned in love before and promised myself I'd never give a man that kind of power again. I'm here to save Jensen's business, but he might just end up saving me.

There's no shortage of steamy instalove goodness in this four-book collection featuring all your favoriye characters from The Claiming Series PLUS an exclusive bonus novella, Claiming Shelby.

Claiming Ivy

A forbidden, age-gap romance.

Claiming Lily

A billionaire, friends-to-lovers romance.

Claiming Daisy

A small-town, second-chance romance.

Claiming Poppy

A billionaire, workplace romance

Claiming Shelby

Poppy's best friend, Shelby, gets her own short, sweet story.

The Claiming Series - where the women stake their claim just as fiercely as their growly, protective men.


When I took the position of deputy sheriff in the small town of Garland, Colorado, I just wanted to forget the horror I left behind in Houston, and fulfil the oath I took as an officer of the law to protect and serve. The last thing I expected was to find my perfect woman in the shape of beautiful sheriff's assistant, Jessica Monroe. Now all I need to do is convince her that she's all I want - not just for Christmas, but for life.


Connor Banks is kind, generous, and strong. He's also the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on, but I know he'd never look twice at a woman like me - a woman with too many curves and a crippling lack of confidence due to my ex-boyfriend's cruel comments. But when the weather outside turns frightful, Connor and I find ourselves snowed in together at the station. With just our body heat to keep us warm, it's beginning to look a lot like ... love.


I visit Valentine’s Kitchen every day, trying to work up the courage to ask Natasha Valentine on a date. Delicious as her bakery’s treats are, they don’t compare to her sweet curves, ebony hair, and deep-brown eyes. I’m hooked from the first day.

When our first date ends disastrously, I’m left wondering where I went wrong. Walking away from her isn’t an option because Tasha is unlike any woman I’ve ever known. I’m drawn to her in ways that go deeper than physical attraction.

Tasha thinks her Asperger’s is a problem to keep us apart. I see it as a gift, an opportunity to connect, communicate, and understand each other better than many couples have the chance to do. I’ll do whatever it takes to be the man she deserves, and earn my place at her side for the rest of our lives.

Author's Note:

Claiming Valentine features a main character with Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of Autism Spectrum Syndrome, a neurobiological disorder where people have difficulty relating to others socially. Their behavior and thinking patterns can be rigid and repetitive.

Raising awareness of autism is a cause close to my heart as my son is on the autistic spectrum. Each person experiences autism differently, but it’s important to know that it’s not a “disease,” and it’s not something that needs to be “cured,” but rather needs to be understood and embraced.

Claiming Valentine is a work of fiction and aims to highlight some of the struggles faced by people on the spectrum through Tasha and Link’s love story.