One innocent interior designer + one growly TV star + one sheet-gripping night of passion = 2 pink lines.


When I inherit my late grandpa's house, the last thing I expect to find is a sexy stranger already in residence.

Dalton is tall, rugged, and charming ...but we're world's apart.

Still, It's only a matter of time before the chemistry between us blazes out of control, and one blissful, sheet-gripping night leads to two blue lines and a sudden change of priorities.


My new landlady is breathtakingly tempting...and completely off-limits.

Keeping my hands to myself is going to be tough, especially now that we're both sleeping under the same roof.

Trouble is, I don't want to keep my hands to myself...I want to put them all over Olivia's delectable body.

I know one night will never be enough with the woman who's unexpectedly claimed my heart.

But when the threat that's been lurking catches up with me, I stand to lose everything I've ever loved...