As a devoted teacher to kids with additional needs, my world revolves around them, leaving no time for dating or distractions... until the news of Soul Obsession's reunion tour hits. It's my last chance to see them live, and with my friends, I dive into the adventure. But little did I know that this reunion tour would throw me into turmoil and turn my dream getaway into a nightmare. Enter Xander, the band's irresistibly hot bodyguard and my unexpected protector. He's tall, dark, and growly, and sets me on fire in ways I've never experienced. He may have rescued me from an unwanted situation, but he'd never look twice at a shy, overweight girl like me... right?


As Soul Obsessions' bodyguard, my days are a blur of protecting them from the chaos that comes with fame. No time for personal entanglements or distractions. Until Chastity. The voluptuous blonde with the innocent blue eyes turns my world upside down. She's captivating, a fire in the darkness that sets my senses ablaze. But when danger lurks and Charity needs my help, I vow to do anything to keep her safe.