Can the younger, bubbly paramedic heal the battle scars of this older, gruff ex-soldier?

When I'm honourably discharged from the British Army on medical grounds following a brutal tour in Afghanistan, I use my skills as a combat medic to continue to save lives as a paramedic. I'm confident there's no situation I can't handle ... until I'm teamed up with chirpy Grace Newton. She's everything I'm not - young, idealistic, and brimming with sunshine. Everything about her rubs me the right way, stirring wants and desires I thought were long dead. She should be off-limits - after all, I'm her mentor and work colleague. But one kiss has me wanting Grace's healing hands all to myself for the rest of our lives.


When I'm teamed up with Fletcher Hardy on my first day as a qualified paramedic, his gruff nature and abrupt manner almost have me rethinking my career choice. I'm no stranger to tortured veterans - my father is one - so I know better than most the mental and emotional toll war takes on a soldier. But as Fletch and I work together, I see a different side to him. His care and compassion draw me in, and I want to soothe the loneliness in his eyes. Before I know it, I'm falling for the tender man with the tough facade, but will my love be enough to heal the wounds I can't see?

This February, nine of your favorite authors are bringing you tales of courage, valor, and sacrifice. These warriors carry their scars with pride and have given their all in the Line of Duty.

Healing the Warrior is a little darker than my other work, and there are trigger warnings for mental health issues, and physical and mental abuse. This story is set in London and is written in UK English.