Molly's Choice
When an injury puts paid to my professional fighting career, I retreat to my hometown to lick my wounds. Angry and bitter at the loss of the only thing I've ever known, I withdraw from the world, becoming as cold and aloof as the Colorado mountains that surround my home. But then I discover the one thing I want more than fighting. I know I have to make some changes - and I'm going to need help from my prim and proper neighbor.
No one is more surprised than me when Flynn Black - my grumpy, reclusive neighbor - comes to me with an unusual request. He's decided he needs help becoming more ... civilized, and that I'm is just the woman for the job. Flynn is coarse and foul-mouthed, yet there's something about the prickly ex-fighter that intrigues me. He's a challenge I can't resist. I think my privileged upbringing has prepared me for anything, but it never prepared me for my growing feelings for the surprisingly sensitive man who lurks beneath Flynn's hard exterior - a man I know can never be mine.

Sophie's Choice
When rancher Travis Walker gave me a Colorado-sized brush off, I fled our hometown of Medicine Bow, my heart-broken and my dreams of happily-ever-after in his arms in tatters. Now, years later, I'm back, no longer the naïve sixteen-year-old who offered my heart and soul to Travis that fateful night, but an accomplished veterinary technician with a promising career. Sparks fly when Travis and I are thrown together again following the death of Travis’s prize bull under suspicious circumstances, but I won't risk my heart on him again...
Inheriting my ailing family ranch after the unexpected death of my father uncovered secrets that left me bitter and resentful. My new responsibilities weighed heavily on me, leaving me no option but to push Sophie away. She was the kind of woman who deserved the best in life – something I was in no position to offer her.
Now Sophie's back, and I need her help. By the time I realize how much I stand to lose, I know it may take a miracle to win Sophie back. but it’s a challenge I'm willing to accept for the woman I want more than my next breath…