Being a firefighter isn't just a vocation, it's who I am - until an injury on the job sets me on an unfamiliar path. Suddenly, my life has no direction, and my whole future becomes an unfamiliar landscape.

Seeking solace in the mountains of Colorado, I try to put my past behind me and start over. There, I rediscover myself between the pages of the steamy romance novels I write. Stories of men finding the women who complete them fuel my soul, but my empty heart still craves its own happy ending.

So when a blonde-haired angel in need of my help literally tumbles into my path, I know it's no coincidence, and my future suddenly becomes crystal clear...


Losing my hearing as a kid left me feeling more disconnected from the world than ever. I've spent my life looking for something, someone who makes me feel whole again - but I never expected to find it in the mountains of Colorado.

During a road trip to visit my brother, I take a nasty tumble and end up in the arms of mountain man, Kurt, who rushes me back to his cabin, single-minded in his mission to save me. His nurturing spirit, attentive touch, and intense gaze makes me feel seen and heard in a way I haven't experienced in a long time - if ever.

He thinks he's just healing my wounds, when in reality, he's healing his own...and stealing my heart in the process.