Maisie's Choice

Can the battle-scarred ranch foreman win the heart of the shy single mom, and protect her and her son from her dark past?


Scarred by my past, life has carved a whole new man out of me. A brutal tour in Afghanistan has caused me to withdraw from those closest to me, but my vow to remain on the outskirts of life is suddenly challenged by single mom, Maisie Wilson. Maisie intrigues me. She’s polite yet aloof, vulnerable yet fiercely independent. When I inadvertently stumble upon the secret she’s been keeping – a secret that, if exposed, could put her and her young son in jeopardy – things suddenly get a whole lot more complicated.


I've sworn off men, but something about Luke Callister draws me in. He makes me feel safe in a way I've never experienced. My vow to keep my distance suddenly fades into insignificance in the face of my growing feelings for him. Can I be the woman he needs, or will my past hold me in emotional shackles for the rest of my life? I may not get the chance to find out because my past is about to catch up with me in a way no one could have foreseen…

Callie's Choice

Can this cocky cowboy convince the prickly, accident-prone bakery assistant he's the man to mend her broken spirit?

Callie "Calamity" Brookes caused mayhem wherever she went. I had no patience for the prickly, unapproachable woman who lived in a rundown cottage on the edge of town. But following her plea for help one night, I get an unexpected look into her life, forcing me to see her in a different light. There was a whole lot more to Callie than met the eye, and suddenly, I wanted to be the only man she trusted with those secrets... and with her heart.
Nate Callister was the same as every other man I'd ever met - an arrogant, opinionated a**hole. But when I was faced with an emergency, I had no choice but to call on Nate for help. Suddenly, I was forced to re-evaluate my preconceived impressions of the cocky ranch foreman, and discovered we may have a lot more in common than I cared to admit.
But as the spark between us ignited into something that looked suspiciously like love, my traumatic past reared its ugly head. Could we still chase a future together? Or would my dark secrets threaten our chance at happiness?