Can the vivacious, big-hearted salesgirl teach the lonely billionaire that there's one thing money can't buy?


I'm no stranger to hardship, but I refuse to allow life to drag me down. I love my job as a sales assistant at the prestigious Sutherland's Department Store, even if it will never make me rich. There's something to be said for earning an honest living and bringing a little joy to the customers I meet.

However, when I'm tasked with training the new guy, I begin to wonder what I've let myself in for. He's big, burly, and all kinds of irresistible. He's my work colleague and years older than me, but my racing heart and quivering body haven't got the "don't mix business with pleasure" memo.

Can I risk my hard-won independence for a man who should be off-limits?


As the sole owner of Sutherland's, the weight of continuing my family legacy falls squarely on my hefty shoulders. I've taken my eye off the ball since the death of my father, and it's clear from the millions in dwindling profits that I'm out of touch. I need to make some changes, and the only way to do that is from within.

When I go undercover as a sales associate in the London store, I'm shocked at what I discover. But the biggest revelation of all is Eva Starling, the curvy bundle of energy assigned to "train" me. She's a ball of sunshine I never saw coming and warms the cold, empty spaces in my heart. The second I see Eva, everything in me screams mine.

But will the very circumstances that brought us together tear us apart when she learns my true identity?