I promised the woman who practically raised me that I’d take care of her property following her death. More importantly, I swore to protect her granddaughter from the man trying to take control of the estate. Marrying Belle is a small price to pay to give Cora peace of mind in her final days. After all, it’ll be a marriage on paper only, just until Belle turns twenty-one and inherits her grandmother’s estate. Then we’ll go our separate ways. Simple.

Until our wedding day, when I see Belle for the first time in years. Gone is the skinny girl with frizzy hair and retainers. In her place is a blue-eyed, blonde temptress. Suddenly, things don’t feel quite so…simple.

This marriage is supposed to be platonic. A means to an end. But one look at Belle and I know keeping my hands off my new bride will be the toughest challenge of my life.

Belle has no idea how beautiful and effortlessly sexy she is. Controlling my ever-growing desire for her proves harder with each passing day. I want her—not just on paper, or in name only. I want her as my wife…in every sense of the word.