After a failed marriage, finding love again is the last thing on my to-do list. But when I take an unexpected trip to Greece in search of my long-lost mother, the handsome young Grecian God sent to greet me at the airport has me reconsidering my vow of celibacy.

Theo Galatis is ten kinds of sexy...and ten years too young for me. The spark between us is hotter than the scorching white sands, but I came to Greece to build a relationship with my mother, not fantasize about tossing Theo's Greek salad or eating his delicious Stifado. Besides, there’s no way this gorgeous, dark-eyed Adonis is looking for happily-ever-after with a heart-shy older woman like me. Is there?

This is a short, sweet instalove story featuring a renewal of faith, some super-hot sexy times...oh, and a baby goat or two.