Can the jaded rock star convince the shy girl with the voice of an angel that he wants her as more than his singing partner... he wants her as his partner for life?


I've been a solo artist for years, but lately, something's out of tune. I've given the industry my all but I'm ready to hang up my guitar. Then I meet her. Harmony is beautiful with the voice of an angel. The second I hear her, I know I've found my missing note. She's the music to my soul that hasn't played in years.


Singing is my secret passion. I've daydreamed about performing on stage to an audience ever since I was a little girl. But crippling anxiety prevents my daydream from becoming a reality. Then a chance "meeting" with Mack changes everything. He's all I've ever wanted in a man. Not only is he a talented musician, but he also calms my demons and silences my negative thoughts, allowing my voice to become my perfect instrument. But when he asks me to form a singing duet with him, will we write a broken melody or compose the Perfect Harmony?