He's spending the holiday alone…until a fallen star crashes into his life.


Like a million other people, I'm headed home to spend time with family for Christmas. But unlike those who make it home for the holidays, I get stuck in a ditch in an unfamiliar small town in Colorado. When a gruff stranger helps me out of my predicament, we both end up stranded in the winter storm…in his cozy, secluded cabin nestled in the trees outside of town.

Callum Stone is a man of few words, and his grumpy demeanor is enough to put most people off, but I see beneath his frosty exterior to the wounded man--a man I'm already falling for.


I'm still reeling from the sudden loss of my parents a year ago. I don't want to put a damper on everyone else's holiday festivities while I fake my way through the season, so I retreat to my cabin on the outskirts of town to wallow in self-pity. I'm on a tight deadline to finish the book I started before tragedy struck. The last thing I need is to rescue a damsel in distress on my property, even if she does look like a gift-wrapped angel who fell from Heaven.

But as I spend time with Noelle, her gorgeous brown eyes, bubbly personality, and zest for life seep under my defenses, making me realize that there's still something worth celebrating--her.

When the storm passes, and things begin to thaw, will our feelings for each other melt away, too?