I've built my IT business from the ground up with equal amounts of hard work and dedication, making me one of the youngest billionaires in San Antonio at thirty years of age. I have everything money can buy... except the one thing it can't - the love of a good woman. But when a brunette goddess with striking hazel-green eyes and curves I want to lose myself in walks into my office to interview for the position as my new personal assistant, it takes me a split second to realize that she's the missing piece of my heart. All I need to do now is convince her that I'm the missing piece of hers.

No one is more surprised than me when IT genius, Callum Rogen, hires me as his personal assistant on the spot. There's just one problem... Callum is everything I've ever wanted in a man. Tall, hot, and far too sexy for his own good, I want to do things with him that are definitely not part of my job description. I have more reason than most to make sure things stay on a purely professional level but it's only a matter of time before the chemistry between us explodes into something less like business and far more like pleasure.